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Membership/Beats Money
Are there any restrictions on membership?
BeatsbyGoods is a shopping mall that sells duty-free products. It is not available to the residents of South Korea but only to residents in Hong Kong/Singapore. In addition, when signing up for membership, BeatsbyGoods will verify identity of the user...
Is it possible to purchase for non-members?
No, non-members cannot purchase and BeatsbyGoods' special benefits are limited to membership.
Where can I edit membership information?
You can edit it from [My Account].
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What is the payment method?
VISA, MASTER, American Express, Discover, UnionPay and discount coupon. (For more information, refer to Paypal official website. Varies by countries)
Where can I check the order details?
You can check it in [My account] -> [My Orders].
Where can I edit my address?
You can edit it in [My account] -> [Address Book].
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What is the minimum amount for free shipping?
Free shipping with purchases over $150 and promotional items are not counted.
How long does it take to ship?
In general, it takes 14 days from the payment completion date, and the product purchased at the promotion takes 14 days from the promotion end date. However, there may be a delay of 7 to 10 days depending on the situation.
Is there a reason why only some of the products arrived that I’ve ordered?
Depending on the products, the delivery date is different.
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Can I cancel my payment?
Orders can be canceled until 9 am the next day (Based on Korea standard time). For cancellations after that, please submit to the [Contact Us].
How long does it take to return due to wrong delivery?
Yes, it can be exchanged after confirming the product through the procedure and it takes up to 45 days. However, there is a situation that cannot be exchanged even for mis-delivered products, please check the [Shopping Guide] for detailed rules.
What is the procedure for return due to change of mind?
All additional expenses (shipping, entry customs, etc.) must be borne by the user, and there may be restrictions on the use of the site. Please check the [Shopping Guide] for detailed return policy.
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Can I use discount coupon to pay for promotional items?
No, discount coupon does not apply to products sold during promotion.
Is it possible to refund the difference when the same product is purchased at a different price during the promotion?
No, we do not compensate for differences due to changes in promotion prices.
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What is the difference between promotion products and the others?
All BeatsbyGoods products including promotion products are the same as those sold at general duty-free shops.
The product I want to purchase is out of stock. Can I know the restocking schedule in advance?
No, the timing of re-stocking varies depending on the product, and sales products are updated periodically. Please check the new products that will be announced later.
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