BeatsbyGoods Terms and Conditions

These Terms and Conditions are to govern the overall content of "BeatsbyGoods" use, such as orders, sales, returns, compensation for damages, and indemnification regarding the use of services.

Article 1 [Purpose]

These terms and conditions are to govern the rights and obligations of the customer and BeatsbyGoods so that the Users can use relevant service provided by Mama Communications.

Article 2 [Definition]

The meaning of some words used in these terms and conditions:

1. "BeatsbyGoods" means a virtual shop set up to trade goods or services using information and communication facilities such as computers; it also means the operator running the cyber-mall by Mama Communications.

2. "Member" means a person who has entered into a contract with BeatsbyGoods to use its services by registering his or her ID.

3. "ID" refers to recognition letters in combination of letters and numbers written by a member and given by BeatsbyGoods so as to identify Users and provide service.

4. "Password" means a combination of letters and numbers set by the member and identified to the BeatsbyGoods.

5. "Withdrawal" refers to the act of removing or stop using BeatsbyGoods' service.

6. "Beats Money" is a reference to the BeatsbyGoods' points which awarded to customers who are registered as members to purchase various products under BeatsbyGood terms and conditions.

7. "User" is a reference to the BeatsbyGoods' members whom are using BeatsbyGoods' services under terms and conditions.

Article 3 [Specification, Description and Revision of the Terms and Conditions]

1. BeatsbyGoods shall post the contents of the terms and conditions, the name of the representative, the location address of the sales office (including the address where the consumer can handle the complaint), the contact information (telephone, email address, etc.), business registration number, mail-order business registration number, and the person in charge of personal information on the first page of its cyber-mall (front side) so that the Users may easily recognize such information. However, the contents of the Terms and Conditions may be made available to the Users through a link.

2. BeatsbyGoods shall provide a separate link to allow Users to understand important contents of the terms and conditions such as subscription withdrawal, delivery responsibility, refund conditions, etc., before the User agrees to the terms and conditions and shall gain consent from the User.

3. BeatsbyGoods may revise the terms and conditions unless it does not violate relevant laws such as the <Act on the Consumer Protection> in the Electronic Commerce Transactions, etc., <the Regulation of Standardized Contracts Act>, <the Framework Act on Electronic Commerce>, <the Digital Signature Act>, <the Act on the Promotion of Information Communication Network and its Protection>, <the Act on Door-to-door Sales>, <the Framework Act on Consumers, and the Customs Law> etc.

4. In case of changes to the terms and conditions, BeatsbyGoods shall notify the reasons and application date as well as its current terms and conditions on the initial screen of its website from the 7th day before the effective date to the day before the effective date. However, if the contents of the change are unfavorable to Users, it shall be announced 30 days before its application date. In this case, BeatsbyGoods shall clarify changes at least 1way as below so that Users can clearly understand the changes.

  • 1) through BeatsbyGoods' website
  • 2) through E-mail or phone
  • 3) through Text
  • 4) through FAX or post

5. In case of changes to the terms and conditions, BeatsbyGoods shall notify the latest membership information through E-mail, phone, FAX, post or etc.

6. The amended terms and conditions are effective from the date BeatsbyGoods are published on website.

7. Members who object to the amended terms and conditions may withdraw from the membership or objection, and members who do not withdraw or object to the membership within 30 days after the notice of section 4 are deemed to have agreed to the amended terms and conditions.

8. If there are any other provisions of the relevant laws and ordinances, BeatsbyGoods shall be followed.

Article 4 [Provision of and Changes to Service]

1. BeatsbyGoods performs the following tasks:

  • 1) Provides information on goods or services and concludes purchase contracts
  • 2) Services for which the delivery contract is concluded,
  • 3) Delivers goods or services for which the purchase contract is concluded,
  • 4) Handling for the delivery service and response, and
  • 5) Other businesses designated by BeatsbyGoods

2. BeatsbyGoods may change the contents of goods or services to be provided by contracts to be concluded in the future in case of out of stock or changed technical specifications. In this case, the contents of the changed goods or services and the date of delivery shall be specified and posted at the place where the contents of the current goods or services are posted the 7th day prior to the date of the delivery.

3. When BeatsbyGoods changes the contents of the service contracted by the User for reasons such as the out of stock of the goods or the changes to the technical specifications, the User shall immediately be notified of the reasons via the previously registered address.

4. In case of the preceding clause, "BeatsbyGoods" shall compensate the User for damages caused by this action. However, this is not the case if the "BeatsbyGoods" proves that there is no intentional fault or negligence.

Article 5 [Suspension of Service]

1. BeatsbyGoods may temporarily stop providing services in the event of maintenance, replacement or breakdown of information and communication facilities such as computers, or loss of communication.

2. BeatsbyGoods will compensate the Users for damages incurred by the reasons specified the above clause unless proven to be not intentional or free of negligence.

3. If the service cannot be provided due to the conversion of the business type, the abandonment of the business, or a merger with another company, BeatsbyGoods shall notify the Users and shall compensate the Users. However, in the event that BeatsbyGoods had not notified the compensation standards, the mileage or points of the Users shall be converted into cash or kind equivalent to their mileage or point values.

Article 6 [Membership]

1. User can subscribe to "member" free of charge after filling in the member information on the subscription form established by BeatsbyGoods and then by agreeing to these terms and conditions.

2. BeatsbyGoods shall register the person subscribing for membership in accordance with the 1st section as a "member" unless said person falls under the following criteria but re-join members may not be able to receive the benefits for new members:

  • 1) In case that the applicant has lost or withdrawn his or her member status pursuant
  • 2) Where the User repeated withdrawal and re-registration to obtain financial gains, e.g., receiving vouchers, coupons, points, Beats Money, event gifts, etc., including by the use of another's name
  • 3) If there are errors in the information or there is false or missed information,
  • 4) In case that the applicant shall not engage in any acts prohibited by the terms and conditions, relevant laws, and public order and standards of decency, and
  • 5) In case that the applicant do not fulfilled the BeatsbyGoods' terms and conditions.

3. BeatsbyGoods may temporarily stop or postpone providing services to the User in the event of, maintenance, replacement or breakdown of information and communication facilities such as computers, loss of communication or BeatsbyGoods deems necessary.

4. Membership is completed when the consent of BeatsbyGoods reaches the User who subscribed.

5. All member information on the application form is considered to be actual data. Users who have not entered their real name or actual information are not legally protected and may be subject to service restrictions.

6. "Member" shall immediately notify BeatsbyGoods by e-mail or other means in accordance with the method specified by BeatsbyGoods if there is any change in the member information registered in BeatsbyGoods.

7. "BeatsbyGoods MEMBERSHIP" is limited to those who are over 16 years old under BeatsbyGoods terms and conditions and relevant laws. (This is a regulation set according to the relevant national laws)

8. Only one ID can be registered and used per outbound traveler. There could be disadvantages such as non-receipt of goods if you register more than one ID.

Article 7 [Withdrawal of Membership and Loss of Qualification]

1. Members can request to close their BeatsbyGoods accounts whenever they want. If the members request to close their accounts, BeatsbyGoods shall immediately take necessary measures to response their requests. Members who have closed their accounts are restricted to open new accounts for a month.

  • 1) Members who have repeatedly created and closed membership accounts for illegal or fraudulent gains such as coupons, points, Beats money or other promotional rewards provided by BeatsbyGoods or improperly use BeatsbyGoods' services will not be allowed to create a BeatsbyGoods account.
  • 2) When requesting to withdraw a member, the Beats Money and points may be extinguished, so check the member's intention and process the withdrawal.

2. If member falls under the following criteria, BeatsbyGoods may limit the use of certain services to said member or suspend membership for a certain period of time:

  • 1) If the member registered false information at the time of application,
  • 2) If the member registered false information at the time of application,
  • 3) If the member has stolen someone's ID and password or their personal information, and shall not engage in any acts prohibited by the terms and conditions and electronic commerce.
  • 4) In case of Article 7, Section 1, Clause 1
  • 5) If the member uses BeatsbyGoods services illegally or for illegal purposes
  • 6) If the member habitually cancels orders, returns merchandise, or asks for compensation even though no products or services he or she has purchased are faulty
  • 7) If the member habitually asks for too much compensation enough to violate the Consumer Dispute Resolution Criteria without any good reasons
  • 8) If the member posts or spreads false information about BeatsbyGoods
  • 9) if the member intentionally interferes with the operation of services,
  • 10) Distributing computer virus programs that cause malfunction of information and communication facilities or destruction of information, etc.
  • 11) In case of using the service in an abnormal way; by using malfunction of information and communication facilities, error phenomenon
  • 12) In case of illegal use of other person's personal information, User ID and password
  • 13) Information obtained by using the service of the BeatsbyGoods is copied, used commercially or distributed without prior consent of the BeatsbyGoods.
  • 14) In the case of damaging others' reputation or causing disadvantages to others on BeatsbyGoods' website,
  • 15) Transmitting a large amount of information or advertising information for the purpose of interfering with the stable operation of the BeatsbyGoods service
  • 16) Infringing upon intellectual property rights of BeatsbyGoods or other third parties, such as copyrights;
  • 17) When there is a request for correction from an external institution
  • 18) If the member posted pornographic material on the BeatsbyGoods website or a link to a pornographic site,
  • 19) In case of violating the BeatsbyGoods term and conditions or any other provisions of the relevant laws and ordinances

3. After the BeatsbyGoods has restricted or suspend a Member's membership status, where the member repeatedly engages in the same activities not less than twice, or fails to take a relevant corrective measure within thirty (30) days, the BeatsbyGoods may forfeit his or her membership status.

4. Before the BeatsbyGoods forfeits a Member's membership status, it shall notify to the Member, and the member shall be given an opportunity to explain a relevant ground for not less than thirty (30) days.

5. A member, whose membership was forfeited under Section 4 of this article, may be prohibited from re-registration of membership.

Article 8 [Notification to the User]

1. BeatsbyGoods may notify its members via e-mail or other contact means registered by the members in advance.

2. Notification on the BeatsbyGoods' website may replace individual notification to the members if the notification is on the website is posted for more than 1 week and the notification is for unspecified members. However, important messages or information regarding a specific member's order shall be delivered individually.

Article 9 [Beats Money System]

In accordance with the policy in the BeatsbyGoods, Users can purchase the goods with Beats Money(hereinafter referred to as the “deposit”) provided when purchasing products to members who have joined or for the purpose of prizes, etc.

1. The amount that the shopping mall grants to Users is 0.5% of the amount paid when purchasing goods. However, deposit cannot convert into cash.

2. 5,000 Beats Money can be exchanged with a 5% discount coupon and you can use it when purchasing goods.

3. Users must use the Beats Money within 12 months from the date of grant. All deposit will automatically expire if the deposit exceeds the announced expiration date.

4. If two or more goods are purchased by coupons with other payment methods, and if some goods are partially canceled, the cancellation amount will be refunded according to the payment rate for each payment method.

Article 10 [Application for Purchase]

Out of the Users of the BeatsbyGoods, only those who are stayed in Hong Kong or Singapore (either a local or a foreigner) may apply for purchase, and When a User applies for purchase, the BeatsbyGoods shall provide each of the following information to ensure that the User can easily understand the information.

1. How to search and select goods, etc.;

2. How to enter name, address, telephone number, e-mail address (or mobile phone number), etc.;

3. How to verify the provisions of relevant terms and conditions, restricted services for the right to withdraw offers, and the provisions for payment of shipping fees, installation fees, etc.;

4. How to indicate a member's consent to these terms of Use, and verify or reject the provisions of the above-mentioned Clause 3; and

5. Verify the application(s), consent to the verifications by the BeatsbyGoods, and select a payment means

6. How to apply for purchase of goods

Article 11 [Conclusion of Purchase Contract]

1. BeatsbyGoods agrees to accept the purchase order as described in Article 9 unless it falls under any of the following criteria.

  • 1) If there is a false statement, omission, or errors in the application contents,
  • 2) If consent to purchase application is deemed to have a significantly negative impact on the performance of BeatsbyGoods.

2. The contract becomes effective when the consent of BeatsbyGoods reaches to the User in the form of E-mail notification.

3. BeatsbyGoods' consent shall include confirmation of order, availability status, and information on the correction or cancellation of order.

Article 12 [Payment Methods]

Payment methods for goods or services purchased at BeatsbyGoods are as follows. However, payment methods shall be changed due to BeatsbyGoods terms and conditions or etc.

1. Credit Card Payment

2. 2. A payment method that converts points into discount coupons

3. payment registered on our website

Article 13 [Notification of Confirmation, Change of Purchase Application and Cancellation]

1. BeatsbyGoods shall notify the User of confirmation when there is a User's purchase application.

2. If there is any misinformation to the confirmation, the User may request to change or cancel the purchase application immediately after receiving confirmation, and BeatsbyGoods shall proceed.

Article 14 [Supply of Goods, etc.]

1. BeatsbyGoods shall specify a shipping time, delivery method, etc. of the goods purchased by the User.

2. At the time of delivery, the destination and the information entered at the time of membership registration must be the same, otherwise the order may be cancelled.

Article 15 [Refund, Return, Exchange, Withdrawal of Subscription]

1. The User may request to change or cancel the purchase within 7days after receiving confirmation letter, and BeatsbyGoods shall proceed with such request. However, if the BeatsbyGoods notifies the User of the period of withdrawal of subscription in advance, the subscription can be withdrawn only within that period.

2. If it is unable to deliver goods or services for reasons such as sold out, BeatsbyGoods shall immediately notify the User of such status without delay and refund payment (if applicable) within three business days or take necessary measures for refund.

3. In the following cases, return or exchange is not possible:

  • 1) If the goods are lost or damaged due to the responsibility of the User,
  • 2) If the value of the goods has decreased significantly due to the use or partial consumption of the User,
  • 3) If the value of goods has decreased so significantly that it cannot be resold after a considerable space of time, or
  • 4) If the packaging of the original goods, etc. is damaged which is possible to reproduce the goods with the same performance,

4. Notwithstanding the provisions of the Section2 and 3, if the contents of the goods are different from the display, advertisements or contract, the User may revoke subscription within 3 months after he or she receives goods or within 30 days after acknowledging such difference.

5. If the ordered product and the received product are different, it can be exchanged through the confirmation process and it may take 45 days. All costs are borne by the BeatsbyGoods

6. In the case of withdrawing the subscription, the User must bear the cost (international shipping fee) and bank transfer fee required to return the supplied goods, etc., and the refund it will be refunded after the return of the product is confirmed by BeatsbyGoods. The BeatsbyGoods does not charge a penalty or damages to the User for reasons such as withdrawal of subscription.

7. The BeatsbyGoods clearly indicates in advance where the subscription of withdrawal, etc. is restricted to the consumer, and if such notifications are not taken, the withdrawal of the User's subscription will not be restricted.

8. For all returns, User must return prizes and free gifts due to promotional activities. If User uses free gifts, the BeatsbyGoods will refund by deducting the amount. However, this is not the case for returns due to reasons responsible for the BeatsbyGoods.

Article 16 [Protection of Personal Information]

1. BeatsbyGoods collects the minimum information necessary for the fulfillment of purchase contracts when collecting information from the User.

Type Types of information to be collected
Required name, User ID, password, email address, mobile phone number, date of birth, gender, and nationality
Optional consent to marketing materials
  • 1) Payment information: payment option, credit card, installment plan, and number of payments * Members sign up using their social accounts are not required to provide BeatsbyGoods with their User IDs and passwords.

2. Information generated during other service processes

  • 1) Service usage log, access log, cookie, access IP information, payment record, and suspension record
  • 2) Mobile terminal identification number, OS information, model name, PUSH (status of dispatch, token, receipt)

3. Personal information required for location-based services

4. BeatsbyGoods shall obtain the User's consent when collecting personal information that can be used to identify the User.

5. BeatsbyGoods may not use the collected personal information for purposes other than its original purpose of collection, and when there is a new purpose arises or if it needs to be provided to a third party, it shall be notified to the User in advance and shall get Users' consent. However, if there are any other provisions in the relevant laws and ordinances, they shall be followed.

6. If BeatsbyGoods is required to obtain the consent of the User pursuant to the 4th and 5th clause, it shall notify the matters prescribed by the 2nd clause of Article 22 of the <Act on the Promotion of Information and Communication Network> use and Protection of Information in advance including the identity of the person in charge of personal information protection (affiliation, name, phone number, and other contact information), purpose of collecting information, and information on third-party provision (the party receives information, purpose, and details of information to be provided), and the User may withdraw his or her consent at any time.

7. The User may request to view and correct the errors to his or her personal information at any time, and BeatsbyGoods shall be obliged to take necessary measures to such requests without delay. If the User requests correction of an error, BeatsbyGoods does not use the personal information until the error is corrected.

8. BeatsbyGoods shall limit the number of administrators for the protection of personal information, and shall take full responsibilities for any theft, leakage, or alteration of Users' personal information including credit card information and bank account.

9. BeatsbyGoods or a third party who has received personal information from BeatsbyGoods shall destroy personal information after they achieves the purpose of collecting or receiving personal information.

10. BeatsbyGoods does not set the consent section to be checked prior to Users' check. In addition, the service that is limited when the User refuses to consent to the collection shall be specified in detail and BeatsbyGoods shall not limit or refuse a member to join membership even if the member refuses to provide his or her personal information.

11. Members who have not used BeatsbyGoods for the last 12 months shall be deemed dormant member pursuant to Article 29 of the <Act on the Promotion of Information Communication Network and its Protection> and Article 16 of the Enforcement Ordinance of the same law and BeatsbyGoods shall separate dormant members' personal information from that of other Users.

Article 17 [Duties of BeatsbyGoods]

1. BeatsbyGoods shall not engage in any acts prohibited by the terms and conditions, relevant laws, and public order and standards of decency and shall do its best to provide goods and services in a stable and continuous manner.

2. BeatsbyGoods shall make every effort to have a security system to protect Users' personal information (including credit information) so that the User can use Internet service safely.

3. BeatsbyGoods shall be liable to compensate the User for damages caused by the unlawful display and advertisements prescribed by Article 3 of the <Act on the Fairness of Displays and Advertisements>.

4. BeatsbyGoods shall not send commercial emails for commercial purposes that the User do not want.

5. BeatsbyGoods cannot disclose or distribute the personal information of members to others without prior consent of the members. (However exceptions apply to each case)

  • 1) When there is a request from a national organization under the provisions of the law, such as the <Information and Communication Business Act>
  • 2) When there are investigational purposes or requested by the Information and Communication Ethics Committee
  • 3) When there is a request according to the procedure established by other relevant laws and regulations

6. Within Section 5, BeatsbyGoods may create and use statistical data about members' personal information related to service and send cookies through the service. In this case, you can change the settings of your computer's browser to refuse to receive cookies or to warn you about the receipt of cookies.

Article 18 [Duties of Member]

1. Members shall be responsible for managing their IDs and passwords. The ID (ID) given to the member is the member's full responsibility for all the results caused by the negligence of password management and illegal use.

2. Members shall not cause a third party to use their IDs and passwords.

3. Where a member has become aware that his or her ID or password was stolen or is being used by a third party, he or she shall immediately notify the BeatsbyGoods thereof, and if there is a direction by the BeatsbyGoods he or she shall comply with the direction(s).

4. Where a member has subscribed to membership through a social network service, when his or her ID or password is disclosed, the BeatsybyGoods shall not be held liable for any guarantee on a relevant transaction unless the BeatsbyGoods is at fault. To log in through a social network service, enter the member's ID and password only once for the first time through the relevant social network site, and the ID and password entered for authentication are not stored in BeatsbyGoods.

5. User shall not engage in any of the following activities:

  • 1) Reproducing, broadcasting, or providing the information which obtained from the BeatsbyGoods service without prior consent of the BeatsbyGoods to third parties.
  • 2) Infringement of intellectual property rights such as copyrights of BeatsbyGoods or other third parties,
  • 3) The act of posting, disclosing or distributing information, sentences, figures, etc. that violate BeatsbyGood terms and conditions, public order and standards of decency
  • 4) An act that is related to crime
  • 5) Acts that violate other related laws

6. Members must comply with the related laws, the BeatsbyGoods terms and conditions, the service usage guidelines and precautions

7. Members must comply with the restrictions posted on the BeatbyGoods service 8. announcements or separately announced.

8. Members may not use the service or do any commercial activities without prior consent of the BeatbyGoods.

Article 19 [Copyright Ownership and Restrictions on Use]

1. When the upper "mall" and the lower "mall" are connected by a hyperlink (e.g., the object of a hyperlink includes characters, pictures and moving images), the former is referred to as a linking "mall" and the latter a linked mall (website).

2. The linking mall is not responsible for the warranty for a transaction if the linking mall specifies on a pop up screen that it will not be held liable for transactions conducted in a linked mall.

Article 20 [Copyright Ownership and Restrictions on Use]

1. Copyright and other intellectual property rights for the works created by BeatsbyGoods belong to BeatsbyGoods.

2. The User may not reproduce, transmit, publish, distribute, broadcast, or otherwise commercially use the information obtained by using BeatsbyGoods if its intellectual property rights are vested BeatsbyGoods, nor can they deliver such information to a third party.

3. If BeatsbyGoods uses copyrights belonging to a User in accordance with the terms and conditions, it shall notify the User of such use.

4. If it is determined that the work posted by the member infringes on the rights of the BeatsbyGoods, a third party or the public order, the BeatsbyGoods can delete it arbitrarily and notify the member.

Article 21 [Providing Informaion]

BeatsbyGoods can provide a variety of information related to the services, such as brand products, brand websites, and events in BeatsbyGoods by e-mail or letter mail, and if the member does not wish, User can reject information from the edit menu. BeatsbyGoods is to responsible for the contents posted

Article 22 [Contents of the Member]

BeatsbyGoods is not responsible for the contents posted, e-mailed, or otherwise transmitted by the member through this service, and can be deleted without prior notice if it is deemed to fall under one of the following criteria;

  • 1. infringes on privacy, damages reputation in groundless words or slanders other members or others
  • 2. risk of disrupting or impeding the stable operation of the service
  • 3. deemed to be related to a criminal act
  • 4. infringes intellectual property rights, property rights or etc, of the BeatsbyGoods and the User
  • 5. When the BeatsbyGoods' prescribed posting period is exceeded
  • 6. violation of other related laws and regulations
Article 23 [Inquiry board]

1. The answers to the questions are subjective answers based on the knowledge of each expert. BeatsbyGoods do not represent the opinions of the answers.

2. In order to respond to the question requested by the member, BeatsbyGoods can refer to each expert's opinion.

3. The contents of the consultation conducted in the service can be used as part of the service contents such as academic activities, authoring activities such as printed materials, and FAQ after deleting personal information.

4. If you apply for the following consultation, you may not be able to provide the consultation service.

  • 1) If you apply for the same consultation repeatedly,
  • 2) When applying for counseling using expressions that are contrary to common sense
  • 3) When applying for a consultation requesting a diagnosis
  • 4) In the case of requesting consultation about treatment cost, examination fee, drug price, etc.
  • 5) consultation is not appropriate
Article 24 [Business Hour]

The service is available all day, unless there is a business or technical error in the BeatsbyGoods or other reasons. In the case of inspection of facilities, problem of using the service due to force majeure, failure of the facility or congestion of service use, the service may be limited in whole or in part.

Article 25 [Responsibility of using the Service]

Members cannot use the services or do business activities that sell illegal products, hacking, commercial activities through pornographic sites, and illegal distribution of commercial software.
The BeatsbyGoods is not responsible for the consequences of business activities that result from violations, losses, and legal actions by related organizations.

Article 26 [Exemption Provisions]

1. The BeatsbyGoods is exempt from liability in the event of a failure to use the service due to the member's fault.

2. The BeatsbyGoods is exempted from liability for damages arising from the member's failure to obtain the expected profit from the Beatsbygoods' service provision or the selection or use of service materials.

3. The BeatsbyGoods is exempt from responsibility for the contents, information, data, facts, reliability, and accuracy posted by the member on the service

Article 27 [Settlement of Disputes and Jurisdiction and Governing law]

1. The BeatsbyGoods shall first handle complaints and opinions presented by Users; provided, however, that where it is difficult to handle a matter promptly, the BeatsbyGoods shall immediately notify the User of the ground(s) and a schedule for handling.

2. Matters not provided for in these Terms of Use or matters concerning interpretation of these Terms of Use will be subject to the laws of the Republic of Korea.

3. All disputes and lawsuits related to the use of the service according to these terms and conditions are filed by the court of competent jurisdiction depending on the User's address.

4. An electronic commerce transaction related lawsuit brought between the BeatsbyGoods and a User shall be governed by the Korean laws.